Car Audio Solutions

Headunits / Radios, Amplifiers, Speakers,
Subwoofers & Wiring

Parking Aids

Reverse Cameras, Parking Sensors,
Blind Spot Sensors, Caravan Cameras


Alarms, Immobilisers, Tracking Devices
& Central Locking

Phone Tech

Phone Mounts, Chargers, Cell Boosters,
Aftermarket Bluetooth


Light Bars, Spotlights, UHF's, Tow Controllers
& Dual Battery systems


Security & Asset Management

Provide peace of mind and protect your vehicle from theft or damage.

Alarms and immobilizers prevent unauthorized access to your car, while tracking devices help locate your vehicle in the event of theft.

We offer the following range of security options to fit any of your needs:

– Audible Alarm Systems
– GPS Tracking devices
– Keypad Immobilizers 
– Remote & Touch Key Immobilizers

Parking cameras are essential for drivers who want to park with ease and safety.

With Rear, Front, and Side camera options, you can have a full view of your vehicle’s surroundings and avoid potential accidents.

We offer a range of parking camera options to fit your needs, from basic models to high-end systems with advanced features. 


Recording dash cameras provide visual evidence in the event of an accident or incident, protecting drivers from false accusations and insurance fraud.

With high-quality recorded footage of the road and driver behaviour, Our range of dash cameras are a crucial investment for safety and security on the road.

Data is locally stored in Australia, providing greater control over data protection, compliance with local laws, and faster access. Additionally, it reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

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– Faulty Speakers
– Faulted Sensors
– Inoperable Cameras
– Faulting Caravan camera systems

Other Products

With over 65 years of experience Len Day Car Entertainment is renowned for its high quality products and installation.

Water resistant audio systems
– Speakers
– Amplifiers
– Subwoofers

Starting From $49

–  Cel-Fi Go Mobile boosters
– Phone Mounts
– Bluetooth Kits
– AUX upgrades

Starting From $5

– Roof Screens
– Headrest  monitors
– Mounts
– Headphones

Starting From $50

– Antennas
– Scanners
– 2 Way Radios

Starting From $20

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